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Jul 19, 2018 Luka, an orphaned boy, forms a friendship with Luka, a cruel prisoner who is his only true friend. Luka is sent from the prison to live with his uncle, Major Saab, a security guard at a local factory. Luka undergoes a series of ordeals as he works to save the factory from bankruptcy. Major Saab, who has an eye for talent, takes on the challenge of making Luka a better soldier. Saab's niece, Chirag, a kind-hearted girl who idolizes Major Saab, dreams of becoming a detective. A member of a powerful political family, she wants to prove her loyalty by working with Major Saab. Movies in English Subtitle Download. Download movies for mobile and computer. English subtitle, English dvd. May 22, 2019 This movie is about the rebirth of Major Saab and his determination to take revenge on the main culprit behind the death of his friend. Category: Indian Army in films Category: Hindi-language films Category: 2019 films Category: Indian Army in fictionThe impact of phosphate uptake and xylem loading on the shoot Na+:H+ exchange in poplar. Phosphate (Pi) uptake by roots and translocation to the shoot requires a high solute potential of the xylem. This puts a great demand on the capacity of the xylem to transport ions, particularly H+ ions. The Na(+):H+ exchanger (NHX) is important for homeostasis of cations and contributes to the regulation of the xylem solute potential in the absence of an active xylem apoplast pump. In poplar, the Na(+):H+ exchanger (PtoNHX1) is expressed in xylem parenchyma cells and shows strong selectivity for Na+ over K+ and Li+. We used xylem sap sampling combined with ion-selective microelectrodes to study the impact of Pi uptake and xylem loading on the shoot solute potential and Na(+):H+ exchange capacity in P. tremuloides. H+ efflux was strongly dependent on the external Pi concentration and could be inhibited by PtoNHX1-specific antibodies. The maximum efflux capacity was about 0.14 μmol Pi(-) H(+)/mm Hg H(2)O, which is about twice as high as the eff be359ba680

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